Reusable Isolation Gown, Level 2 Fabric(Pack of 1)
Reusable Isolation Gown, Level 2 Fabric(Pack of 1)
Reusable Isolation Gown, Level 2 Fabric(Pack of 1)
Reusable Isolation Gown, Level 2 Fabric(Pack of 1)
Reusable Isolation Gown, Level 2 Fabric(Pack of 1)
Reusable Isolation Gown, Level 2 Fabric(Pack of 1)


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Reusable Isolation Gown, Level 2 Fabric(Pack of 1) - 1 Pack

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  • Fabric meets Level 2 requirements
  • Government-tested and approved
  • Guaranteed for 75 washes
  • One-size-fits-all & reversible
  • Wrap around design for full coverage
  • Washable / reduces environmental footprint

Many practitioners struggle to find reliable options for more sustainable, environmentally-responsible isolation gowns, while ensuring patient and staff protection and comfort. Whether you need a single gown or a large volume, MIP Cares is proud to offer our high-performance isolation gown, which will cut costs and keep both your patients and practitioners safe in situations involving low amounts of fluid or low-risk sprays.

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The breathable isolation gown fabric meets Level 2 requirements, provides coolness and comfort, and features carbon fibers that reduce static build-up. Also, our microfiber isolation gown is designed with fewer seams to further minimize the penetration of liquids and increase the gown's durability.

Guaranteed for 75 Washes

MIP Cares' isolation gown is made with a durable fabric that holds up well after washing; our product is guaranteed to withstand 75 washes.

Cost Savings

When you throw out a disposable gown, you’re throwing your money away. MIP Cares' isolation gown lasts for 75 washes and saves you $3.82 per gown, when compared to disposable offerings.

Reversible, One-Size-Fits-All Style

MIP Cares' isolation gown features a unique wrap-around design for enhanced coverage for all sizes.

Quick Dry Cuffs

Comfortable stretch knit cuffs are made of quick-dry material, safely covering the wrist area and minimizing contact.

Save The Environment

Contrary to disposable gown options, MIP Cares' reusable isolation gown decreases the environmental footprint by reducing natural resource energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, total water consumed, and solid waste generation.

Leading Healthcare Textile Company

MIP has been providing high-quality products used by numerous health care professionals for 40+ years!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the isolation gown in stock?

Our isolation gown is in stock and ready to ship within 24 hours of purchase (business days).

What is a level 2 isolation gown?

Isolation gowns with level 2 protection are ideal for low risk circumstances like blood draws from veins or work in pathology labs and ICUs that don’t require sterile gowns. Level 2 isolation gowns can block more fluid than level 1 gowns, and are effective against fluid penetration that might occur through splatter or soaking.

Customer Reviews

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Our staff love these

We just got these recently at work and so far I think they're great! They work just as well as any other medical gown but can be washed. We've cut down on so much waste just by switching to these reusable gowns. The fabric is nice, not scratchy or itchy, and they come in a pleasant yellow color.