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swift patient positioner being used on a patient


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Swift® Patient Positioner - 1 Pack

Sale price $26.19
  • Designed to be used with standard hospital and twin-size mattresses
  • Thin profile works together with specialty mattresses to promote better skin care
  • Breathable backing prevents heat and moisture build-up beneath your patients or loved one
  • Easily washed with other bed linens
  • Recommended to be used with our UltraSlide bottom sheet, when care recipients have little or no mobility and require total assistance for repositioning in bed
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Repositioning your patient or loved one has never been simpler thanks to MIP Cares' Swift slider. This cost-effective, low-friction, breathable device allows for improved care as well as safe, easy, and quick repositioning and turning with little physical strain.

Designed with the input from care experts, physiotherapists, and nurses, our Swift slider reduces the physical effort required for repositioning by up to 46% (and by 60%, when used together with our UltraSlide repositioning bottom sheet). In addition, Swift is more comfortable for the care recipient by supporting all the heaviest portions of the body (from shoulders to mid-thigh).

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High-Performance Whootex Material

Our Whootex brushed surface material outperforms all other repositioner options! This breakthrough fabric features a soft hand feel, an ultra white color, and unique stain release properties.

Always Remains at Point of Care

As Swift’s breathability and thin profile do not interfere with specialty mattress properties, the product can remain on the bed at all times! Swift is there when you need it, saving caregiver time, and making repositioning much easier and less disruptive.

Securely Stays in Place

When not in use, the Swift flaps should always remain tucked under the mattress; this practice will prevent the care recipient from sliding down the bed, as well as ensure that the product remains flat and smooth beneath your patient or loved one, optimizing their comfort.

Large Coverage

Swift supports the heaviest portions of the body (from shoulders to mid-thigh), increasing comfort levels and reducing the risk of injury to care recipients.

Easy Care and Washing Instructions

There are no special washing instructions to follow! The Swift positioner can be washed along with regular linens.

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Backed by over 40 years of experience developing high-quality products for healthcare professionals, you can expect first-class products with MIP Cares!

Customer Reviews

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Durable and light

I bought one of these for my grandmother who's being cared for at home. She's somewhat frail and needs help when moving. This positioner sheet has been a huge help (alongside the fitted bottom sheet) with helping her move. It's light but able to handle her weight, and it doesn't stick to her even if she sweats through the night.

My fathers Care-givers recommended these.

I got a couple of these for my father who is receiving home care. The care-givers haven't had any complaints with using it so far. It's large enough to handle his size when he's being moved, is gentle on his skin, and easy to wash.