Fusion® Bed Pad
Fusion® Bed Pad
Fusion® Bed Pad


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Fusion® Bed Pad - 1 Pack

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  • Stay Dry, seamless surface
  • Impermeable backing for total linen protection
  • Patented fused construction
  • Reduced pressure points / Improved skin integrity
  • Eco-friendly alternative to disposable incontinence bed pads
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As a leader in incontinence care, MIP Cares is raising the bar in the evolution of skincare with the Fusion reusable bed pad!

Superior to its current quilted counterparts, Fusion is a thin, fused, seamless bed pad that offers the best in bed linen protection. By eliminating the potential for pressure points, Fusion creates a soft, smooth surface for your patient or loved one’s sensitive skin to rest on. With skin integrity at the forefront of its mandate, Fusion helps protect skin from moisture and the risk of pressure injuries.

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Stay Dry Technology

Fusion's Stay Dry technology features distinct characteristics to promote skin care and a dry surface: rapid wicking and high absorbency. The skin's exposure to moisture is shortened, as wicking allows the moisture to spread through the pad and away from the body, providing a true Stay Dry surface for your patient or loved one!

No Surface Quilting / No Seams

Fusion is the first bed pad ever developed with no surface quilting; the surface layer is fused to the absorbent layer. This unique system of assembly allows the incontinence pad to remain smooth and flat, reducing the risk of pressure points, and greatly enhancing your patient or loved one's comfort!

Ultra-Thin Profile

Fusion's ultra-thin profile works in conjunction with specialty mattresses, and should not impair their performance.

Total Linen Protection

Fusion features a "This side down" indicator on the backing, which guides the caregiver as to which side faces downward on the bed. Additionally, with this waterproof incontinence bed pad, less repositioning is required, as the brushed backing keeps Fusion securely in place.

Cost Savings

Fusion provides a low cost per use that compares favorably to disposable bed pads and traditional cotton-rich bed pads. Benefit from Fusion's increased life expectancy to optimize your budget!

Save The Environment

Fusion washable bed pad is an eco-friendly alternative to disposable incontinence bed pads. Take a proactive approach to environmental and social responsibility!

Leading Healthcare Textile Company

MIP has been providing high-quality products used by numerous health care professionals for 40+ years!

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Francois T
She sleeps through the night now

I bought one of these for my elderly mother who has bladder control problems. It has helped immensely with her comfort and ability to sleep through the night. The nurse in charge of her care has even mentioned an increase in her mood. I will be buying more of these for her so she has enough for every night.

So absorbent!

These are great bed pads. They're super absorbent, last through the whole night, and are really soft. I'll be buying more!

Good bed pads

These are some good bed pads. They're soft, gentle on the skin, and really durable. I've even saved a bit of money since buying them compared to how much I used to spend on disposable ones.

Great money saver

Recently we've made the decision to start using reusable products instead of disposable ones at our practice. So far we've bought several of these bed pads and isolation gowns from MIPCares. Our order arrived quickly and customer service was great during the whole process. Since switching to these products we've been able to save some money and our clients have noticed a difference in the quality of the products. The bed pads are really absorbent, comfortable, and not bulky like our previous bed pads.

Really absorbent

Great bed pads! They're thin yet super absorbent and don't leak!