About Us

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Trusted by Hospitals and
Nursing Homes for Over 40 Years

Since 1977, MIP Inc. has been a leading provider of premium quality, reusable healthcare textiles to hospitals, nursing homes and laundries in 29 countries around the globe. MIP has built its reputation by supplying innovative products known for their practicality and long-lasting durability. For over 40 years, our products have consistently met our customers’ evolving needs, and we are proud to say our commitment to excellence and innovation has never wavered.  

MIP is excited to introduce MIP Cares, a division created to provide the same high-end, sustainable products to independent healthcare professionals and in-home caregivers. No matter the professional or personal situation, it is important to us that everyone can access our products when needed most. MIP Cares aims to design every product with peoples’ needs in mind. And, we pride ourselves on delivering products that can save a healthcare worker’s time, speed up a patient’s recovery time, and bring dignity to the care and comfort of a loved one.
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Caring for You, Wherever You Are

MIP Cares assists both frontline heroes and caregivers, ensuring that safety and care go hand in hand at work and at home. MIP Cares is an online, one-stop shop with a full lineup of products for all your healthcare textile needs – all orders are processed within 24 hours of purchase (business days). Our dedicated customer service team is on standby ready to answer all your questions, and our products come with instructional guides and “how-to” videos to help you along the way. 

At MIP Cares, we believe in a quality of life without compromise. Whether you are a frontline worker caring for a patient, or someone providing care to a loved one at home, we are here to support you while you are caring for others.  

Sustainability and Environment

MIP Cares is committed to offering reusable products that are both environmentally safe and cost-effective, which is much better for our ecosystem, and easier on your wallet. 

The industry is constantly trying to set new standards that allow for clinical advances in a world of environmental stewardship. With third party testing, healthcare professional white papers, and valuable customer feedback, MIP is recognized in the industry for its commitment to sustainability. MIP is proud to be a part of many trade organizations that are dedicated to the evolution of reusable textile use in the healthcare market.