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Optimum Pillowcase (Home Care) - 1 Pack

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  • Soft, smooth material
  • No side seam for improved comfort
  • No-wrinkle, no-iron properties
  • Non-pilling
  • Stain-resistant
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There’s no getting around it: optimal rest is an integral part of your patient or loved one’s care. MIP Cares' Optimum pillowcase is a cut above the rest. Designed with deep sleep and quality comfort in mind, its smooth, sleek feel, and resistance to stains and dampness, snags, pilling make our pillowcase a must-have.

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Designed for Comfort

Designed for optimal comfort and long-term use, our Optimum fabric provides incredible soothing softness against your patient or loved one’s sensitive skin - because genuine comfort is at the heart of giving care.

Seamless Design

Because less is more, our pillowcase features a tubular design, without any seams. This eliminates the pesky potential for seams to rub uncomfortably against the face or neck, leading to imprints on the skin. For improved comfort, seamless is always the way to go!

Wrinkle-Free Material

We understand that you don’t have time to iron every pillowcase before it is used again. Our wrinkle-release material comes out of the dryer free of creases, saving you valuable time and effort without any need to cut corners.

Non-Pilling, No Problem

There are few things worse than fabric with a major pilling problem. Our material is non-pilling, even after many washes, which means a lot less coarse and uncomfortable lint–so your patient or loved one can rest easy, without any unwelcome friction.

No Stain, No Pain

Optimum fabric is easy to wash and stain-resistant, leaving your pillowcases bright and clean–no matter how many stains they’ve sustained. We’re all about helpful life hacks for better, easier caregiving.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Super comfortable

I bought one of these to test it out before deciding if I wanted to buy more for my father. It's a good pillowcase - comfortable, doesn't wrinkle, and stains come out of it easily in the wash. Definitely buying a few for my father.

No Stains

Got these for my relatives in hospice care. They seem to like them - said they feel nice and don't stain.

So Durable!

These pillowcases are so worth it! I recently compared some new ones to older ones and the older ones are still as white as the new ones. Even after washing them multiple times! The older ones also haven't pilled at all, which is amazing! I recommend getting this product if you want some nice quality, soft pillowcases.