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Optimum Bed Linen Bundle - 1 Pack

Sale price $26.99
  • Bed linen bundle includes 1 fitted bottom sheet, 1 semi-fitted top sheet and 1 pillowcase
  • Bottom and top sheets fit standard hospital and twin-size mattresses
  • Soft, durable, comfortable fabric
  • No-wrinkle, no-iron properties
  • Enhanced stretch
  • Stain-resistant
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1 $26.99/unit
3 $24.99/unit - Save 7%
6 $22.99/unit - Save 15%
12 $20.99/unit - Save 22%

MIP Cares' Optimum bed linen set ensures the utmost comfort, convenience, and peace of mind throughout the day and night. Each bundle consists of 1 Optimum fitted bottom sheet, 1 Optimum semi-fitted top sheet, and 1 Optimum pillowcase, providing a hassle-free, practical solution to individual linen purchases!

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Optimum Fitted Bottom Sheet

MIP Cares’ Optimum bottom sheet raises the bar on quality, comfort, and durability! The product’s innovative “wrap” design and natural elasticity allow for a secure fit on mattresses, ensuring that the bed does not need to be re-made throughout the day.

Optimum Semi-Fitted Top Sheet

Our Optimum top sheet delivers maximum performance and comfort. It features a semi-fitted design that fits snugly on the bottom corners of the mattress, as well as a patented toe-pleat that creates a "tent" at the foot of the bed, providing extra wiggle room for toes and minimizing heel pressure.

Optimum Pillowcase

Designed with around-the-clock comfort and convenience in mind, MIP Cares’ quality Optimum pillowcase features a tubular design that has no seams, eliminating the risk of uncomfortable rubbing or imprints on the skin.

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MIP has been providing high-quality products used by numerous health care professionals for 40+ years!

Customer Reviews

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So Soft!

I got a few of these bed linen bundles for my father who I'm caring for at home. All the items fit the bed well, and the extras are easy to store when not in use. The bedding is soft, has continued to stay white over time, and is a great price for everything included.