How to Make Hospital Corners

lifting up the corner of a hospital sheet

Have you ever wondered how luxury hotels or hospitals make their beds so snug, tight and neat? It can be attributed to the long-time custom of using hospital corners when making a bed. Making hospital corners involves methodically tucking sheets neatly underneath the mattress using overlapping folds.

Typically, hospital corners have been associated with military service and hospital settings. While this practice is still widely used, it goes back to the 19th century in the early nursing profession during the war.

What Are Hospital Corners?

Hospital corners are a bed-making technique that involves overlapping folds in the sheet to create neat creases and flat surfaces. Thanks to advancements in technology, MIP Cares has developed a solution to the long, arduous process of creating the perfect hospital corners with their Optimum Semi-Fitted Top Sheet.



Step-by-Step Guide To Making Hospital Corners

Before MIP Cares developed the Optimum Semi-Fitted Top Sheet, there were numerous steps of making these traditional folds.

Step 1: Position Your Sheet.

Step 2: Tuck Flat Sheet into Foot of Bed.

Step 3: Form 45° Angle with Extra Fabric.

Step 4: Tuck in Fabric.

Step 5: Pull Down and Fold.

Step 6: Make the Final Tuck.

Step 7: Repeat.

Step-by-Step Guide To Using MIP Cares Optimum Semi-Fitted Top Sheet 

Now, thanks to our semi-fitted top sheet, you can cut the time it takes to make the most comfortable bed for your loved one down to a minute!

Step 1: Place the "corner seams" over the corners of the mattress. We suggest that the seams be on the outside so that they do not come into contact with the feet.

Step 2: Pull the open end of the sheet up toward the head of the bed, stretching the material to its full length.

Step 3: Return to the foot of the bed and find the "pleated seams." Grasp the seams and pull them toward the foot of the bed. This will create a "pocket" at the foot of the bed that will allow for the feet of the patient/resident to be comfortably covered and free from pressure.

Note that there are two seams at each of the two bottom corners on the semi-fitted top sheet:

  • The first seam is the corner seam.
  • The second seam (pleated seams) is where the extra fabric has been added for the foot comfort zone.

MIP Cares Linens vs. Regular Hospital Sheets

Thanks to our proprietary patented design, you can say goodbye to hospital corners, the need for constant readjustment, and uncomfortable pressure on your loved one's feet that traditional hospital corners can cause. Our Optimum semi-fitted top sheet ensures comfort and allows for less time wasted on readjusting sheets.

Infographic comparing traditional sheets vs MIP sheets